Who we are.

Modbot strives for technical excellence and creativity, and we let our product speak for itself. We value openminded, intelligent, and outspoken individuals who are excited to build sophisticated products that change the world for a positive social impact. That being said, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Robots are fun and anyone building them should know how to have fun too!

What we do.

Modbot provides a complete robot development platform for anyone from large manufacturers to individual makers. Our platform gives users access to the complete stack which offers maximum flexibility and saves them time, money, and frustration.

Why we do it.

We believe the world is ever-changing and the way that we live and work should change with it. If robotics can adapt just as quickly as a changing world,  then humans can say farewell to undesirable work and start doing what they love.

Meet the Founders.

“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.” ― Oscar Wilde

Co-founder & CEO

Adam Ellison

What do you get when a young boy grows up in the wilds of Papua New Guinea, goes off to college in Australia and works as an Engineer on the design of the classic Mustang? You get a Co-founder with an incredible imagination, unlimited creativity, death stare focus, no fear of manual labor, the need for speed, and a passion to change the world. Robots beware; Adam’s coming for you and he’s about to make you a hell of a lot better!
Co-founder & President

Daniel Pizzata

Ever heard of The Energizer Bunny? Modbot has it’s very own Australian version, Co-Founder Daniel! Daniel out-thinks most humans, wrangles robots, writes code, raises funds, perfects his martial arts and can out Bruno Mars even Bruno himself when it comes to music, all before 10 am.

Meet the team.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and bring their unique expertise and perspectives to the world of robotics. We’ve got some serious talent here at Modbot and we know how to have fun!

Manufacturing Lead

John Wilson

John Thirdborn of the House Wilson, Many of His Name, the Grumpy, King of manufacturing and configuration management, Khal of the Great Dark Basement, Breaker of Bots, and Father of Testing.

Design Lead

Ava Sassi

Ava is a legend. She is also a cat in disguise. She will eat your food and then eat more food at another family home. When she is finally full, she will design robots and software with cat-like precision and snark.

Robotics Software Developer

Akshay Kumar

If Akshay’s not on his laptop then you’ll find him napping in a discreet corner of the office. To power him back up, just crack a Red Bull under his nose and he’ll be back to training robots in no time!

Mechanical Lead

Chris Masterson

Canadian by birth, Californian by choice. Designer of robots, race engines and green-tech. Skier of mountains, hiker of hills, kayaker of bays.

Software Developer

Antonia Elsen

They say dynamite comes in small packages. Enter: Antonia – a genius software engineer, badass skateboarder, and fierce competitor who has strength most men would envy but the grace of a ballerina. She tells our robots what to do, when to do it, and how long to do it through her killer code, and by golly, those bad boys behave! Snip! Snap! Her code don’t crack!

Software Developer

Shane Yanke

As disruptive Kanye is to rap music, Shanye is to software and robots. He may not look like a rapper, but Shanye has some bangin’ code as cool and hip for robots as Kanye’s rhymes are to rap. Drop the mic!

Embedded Engineer

Craig Mautner

Craig has a very particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a very long career, skills that make him a nightmare for bugs in code and hardware.

Software Developer

Andrew Ellison

Andrew is a Software Developer who spends his free time fiddling with his personal projects or kicking back, taking off his work thongs and planning the next holiday to spend those hard-earned Dollaridoos.

Office Manager

Vivian Stone

Vivian’s job as Office Manager requires her to be our coach, priest, doctor, police woman, therapist, mom and philharmonic stage conductor. If you don’t behave, she has the whip and ain’t afraid to use it!

Software Developer

Simon Blee

Even though Simon disguises himself (see nerdy picture above) little do you know, Simon is our very own Bond – James Bond! He can do it all – roller skate to the airport in record time, beat the snot out of us at Go-Karting, snowboard at Top Gun speed, code other folks in circles – and he looks cool doing it, martini in hand, shaken and not stirred.  Yeah, you’ll want to be him!

We want you.

The Exceptional

We search for brightest minds who are thrilled by solving problems. We value people who internalize our mission and have exceptional acumen to attend to details along the way.

The Passionate

We do not work to survive, we live to thrive. We work hard because we are chasing dreams, accomplishment, and passion. We have a huge family-based culture at Modbot so the passionate can strive hard but feel supported if they fall.

The Builders

We are makers. We build, play, test, tear down, and do it all over again. We gain insight and speed in the process and we live for it. 

The Artful

While we strive to lead the generation of robotics, we bring with us the magic of design, style, beauty, and flair. When we leave our products in peoples’ hands, we want them to love interacting with them, looking at them, and having them in their lives.

The Relentless

We demand more of ourselves than anyone else ever could could because we know what we are capable of. We also know that the changing world is full of jabs that will knock us down, but when we fall we’ll pick each other up and carry on even stronger.

The Distinct

We are not the status quo. We encourage bold thinking, the contrary, the novel, and the uniqueness that comes from people who have a desire to walk away from normal. We are fun and we are different and we love it.

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