Welcome to Modbot

Saroya Whatley | March 9, 2017

Who Is Modbot?


Welcome to Modbot! If you’re reading this, it looks like you stumbled into our corner of the interweb. And here, in our humble niche, we’re working on a way to change the world.

Change the world?

Yes. You read that correctly. And how are we doing that, you might ask?



We are bringing robots to you.


Now you’re saying, “That seems a little ambitious.”

We’re up for the challenge because that’s our mission: to make robots massively accessible.

It’s 2017. We know that robotics is the future. But weren’t we already supposed to have robots?

  • Back to the Future II promised us robot attendants at gas stations (super cool)
  • Terminator 3 predicted the ‘Rise of the Machines’ (super not cool)
  • Pacific Rim imagined big fighting Jaegers (super cool)
  • R2D2 and BB8 (okay, so these two don’t really count since they’re not part of our galaxy, but who can resist them?)

So we’re just getting us back on track.

And where does Modbot fit in this. What exactly is Modbot?

The short answer:


Modbot is a rapid robot

prototyping and deployment platform.


What does that mean?

Combining smart hardware and software, Modbot brings the foundations of robotics straight to your fingertips:

  • Hardware: fit together the Modbot robotic modules to create all sorts of different robots. Check out the different components here.
  • Software: use our pendant software to program the robot to do various actions in our programmer. You can also simulate different types of robots in our Builder before assembling your robot. More info here.

You’ll be able to make and program a robot in a few hours. There are unlimited possibilities with Modbot. Make a robotic arm, a camera dolly, or something completely new. Let your creativity run wild: the sky’s the limit!

This isn’t vaporware. Or a pipe dream. We’re a hardworking group dedicated to carrying out our vision. In 2013, we started out as two guys from Australia wanting to change the robotics industry for the better. And now, we’re a team of fifteen, working out of our robot lab in San Francisco,.

Right now, we’re in beta development on the Modbot product. We’re working with some larger partners (e.g. Siemens) to improve our product design and hone in what features we want to have. Because when we’re ready to launch Modbot, we want to give you everything you want in a robot platform.

Stay tuned for more updates from the team! We’ve got a lot happening in the upcoming year and we’ll be sharing our progress here on the blog as we move closer and closer to our goal:


Real Robots. Built By You.


Until next time!