What is Modbot?
Who made Modbot?
How do I use Modbot?
Does Modbot use Wifi?
What are Modbot’s core features?
What are Modbot’s tech specs?
Where did the idea come from?
What ages is Modbot aimed at?
How do I interact with Modbot?
Is Modbot an OS?
Can I make an app that works with Modbot?
Can Modbot’s app software be updated?
How is Modbot powered?
When will Modbot ship?
I want to use Modbot now, can I get one sooner?
What are the advantages of Modbot/modular robot technology?
I’ve seen the kits on your website. Will you be selling these kits? Or just individual pieces?
Can we submit ideas for kits?
Who is Modbot for?
What is Modbot made of?

Modbot is delivering a simple, affordable, and agile robot building platform for both large industrial firms as well as makers and hobbyists. Using a combination of smart hardware and software, a user can build a robot and program it within a matter of hours (depending on the complexity of the robot). Modbot makes robot building simple and easy-to-understand. Because we believe robotics should be massively accessible.

Adam Ellison – Co-Founder and CEO

Adam Ellison is an Australian entrepreneur, engineer and mechanism designer. Adam has worked at large corporations as well as smaller consultancies in mechanical design and engineering. Adam studied Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, where he first met Daniel, now his cofounder at Modbot. Specialising in Automotive Engineering, Adam moved to Melbourne to work at General Motors, where he designed parts of the Chevy Caprice Police vehicle, the Camaro (of Transformers’ Bumblebee fame), and some local Holden models. As a consultant, he designed automation solutions for high volume food and beverage clients such as Coke and Pepsi. Frustrated by the limited scope of his design role, Adam returned to university, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. With his interest in entrepreneurship, Adam founded Stokes Rousseau, a construction company, where he was able to not only utilize his technical background but also learn the mechanics of running a business. After building up a diverse range of business skills and an extensive amount of mechanical experience, he decided to combine his business and his technical roots and launch Modbot with Daniel Pizzata.

Daniel Pizzata – Co-Founder and President

Daniel Pizzata is an Australian entrepreneur, engineer, and creative currently working as the President and co-founder of Modbot. With a background in Electronics, Communications and Physics, Daniel has held positions at both larger corporations and multiple startups in electronics, defence, and fashion. Shortly after graduating Curtin University, Daniel took a position in the defence sector designing secure electronics for the Air Force. He was later given the opportunity to lead an autonomous robotics team in Melbourne. It was during this experience that Daniel found himself face to face with the limitations of current technology in the automation and robotics industries. Feeling limited by the industry, Daniel realised he had been an inventor his whole life and left Defence to become a contractor, providing senior electronics expertise to companies such as BAE Systems and Rayethon.  It was by chance that Daniel and Adam were brought together again in Melbourne, shared the challenges they had faced in their respective technology industries, and together decided to found Modbot.

Modbot robots can be assembled using the Modbot modules. These modules are plug-and-play, meaning they fit together easily. A robot can be built in thirty minutes or less. Once the robot is built, a user can use the Pendant software to program the robot. Depending on your use, the modules can be arranged in multiple configurations in order to carry out the goal.

Yes, Modbot will be able to connect to Wi-Fi.

Modbot’s modularity is the key feature. Modbot modules are all plug and play. Automatic power and data pass through them so no cables are needed. With the Pendant Software, you can program through a Scene Builder and build more complex applications with Modscript.

As we are currently still in beta development, our specs are continuously improving. Contact us for the latest information.

Both Adam and Daniel had individually experienced difficulties in the robotics industry: the high price for industrial robots, the lack of diversity and versatility in existing robot models, the complexity in programming, the absolute need for integration and high cost associated, and finally a dearth of robots capable of serving both industrial customers as well as individual consumers. Once evaluating these challenges, Adam and Daniel brainstormed solutions, finally arriving at the concept of Modbot. With Modbot, robotics becomes simpler and massively accessible without sacrificing industrial quality.

Modbot is an integrated intelligent motion building platform intended for factories, researchers, inventors, educators, students …just about everyone! (Okay, not kids below the age of 12…)

After building your robot, you will have the opportunity to interact with Modbot in two ways. One way is to program the robot through the Pendant Sequence Builder or by moving the robot physically. The other method is to use our modscript programming libraries to program the robot.

The Modbot software acts like a robot OS (compatible with ROS and other robotic languages) and is extendable with apps. The standard Pendant software apps allows you to program and control Modbot, as well as virtually simulate any robot you want to build with the Modbot modules. You can also monitor the data analytics of your robot from the Pendant software!

Yes! We are developer friendly. We provide completely open APIs. Let us know if you’re interested in developing here.

Yes, we will have regular updates and patches.

Our goal is to have products available by Winter of 2017.

We are currently looking for evaluation partners. Get in touch if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, interested in partnering with us to evaluate the Modbot technology, and have a production application. To receive future updates, sign up for our mailing list! We promise we don’t spam.

With modularity comes versatility, which means you can create the “right-size” robot to fit your needs. Modbot modules can be assembled in hundreds of different ways. Even if you put together one robotic configuration, you can easily disassemble and create a new one with the modules. Whatever your motion needs, Modbot can fill them.

Yes, we plan to sell kits as well as the individual modular parts in the future. We will develop kits around solutions that the Modbot can be used for (e.g. a pick and place, deburring, sanding, camera control).

Yes, we love suggestions! Let us know what your thoughts are here.

Modbot is for everyone! Industrial manufacturers, robot developers, hobbyists, makers, students, teachers, professionals and more.  If you are interested in buying Modbot for your manufacturing facility, please contact us.

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