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Connect to anything anywhere with our 80/20 compatible base and ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 standard end of arm interface.

Get real-time feedback from our HMI Module which also serves as an input mechanism for teaching and setting waypoints.

Mounting holes spaced 80 mm apart make the Base 80/20 compatible
ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 standard interface on the HMI Module makes it  compatible with most end of arm tools



Robot Power
Robot Comms

HMI Button on the HMI Module gives feedback on the state of the robot as well as serving as an input mechanism for teaching and setting waypoints


The Controller is the power and brains behind your whole operation. Small but mighty, it has everything you need to run your robot, no matter the configuration.

Power button and HMI feedback

Robot LED
Power LED

Lockout/Tagout Switch


External Comms


Mains Power


Robot Power 48 V DC 10 amp



Robot Comms

Emergency Stop


Program your robot visually with Composer.

Composer turns anyone into a robot programmer right from their browser. Ready for use online or offline, Composer allows you to build, program, simulate, order, manage, maintain and operate robotics and automation systems. Seamlessly interfacing with Modbot’s Brain, Composer gives users a code-free interactive experience to perform simple or complex operations.

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