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Need help selecting a robot? Have an integration question? Need a custom configuration? We’re here to help.

Integration services.

Modbot’s system is designed to be simple and easy to use, but sometimes we could all use a little extra help. Get support from our team of experts to integrate our system seamlessly with yours.     

Need a personalized solution? Customize your own robot.

Use Modbot’s modules to design a configuration that best suits your needs.

Make robot.

Login to our online robot builder and drag and drop parts to build your custom solution. Build and re-build as many times as you like until your design is exactly right. 

Make program.

Test the fit by programming your robot right there in the virtual environment. When you’re all set, simply press the order button to have it delivered to your door. 

Make time.

Unbox and deploy your robot in 15 minutes or less. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your newfound free time!   

Cloud hub.

Soon you’ll be able to build program and manage your automation solutions from the cloud. Condition based monitoring and cloud based machine learning solutions will massively improve uptimes and assist integrators and users to optimize their factory operations.


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