Meet Adaptable Robotics.

Introducing software defined robotics powered by flexible modular hardware, a beautiful programming experience, and rapid integration development software. Modbot is removing the headache of integration with adaptable robotics.


There are thousands of different automation problems so we designed a robot that can be thousands of different solutions. Modbot is the first easy-to-use modular robotic system that can be customized and set up in minutes.



Select a kit that’s ready to deploy and can be programmed by anyone in 15 minutes.


Design a robot that fits your unique needs. Build it with our flexible modules, actuators, and grippers.


Modbot can assist with countless applications to help you boost productivity and output. Here are just a few:

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Every day the Modbot library of third party parts is growing. If you need more parts than Modbot offers, simply drag your favorite gripper or camera onto the stage and our Part Definition will go to work connecting it with the Modbot software. If you’re a vendor looking to add to our library, get in touch and we’ll have your products available for builds in no time.

Partner with Modbot.

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