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Case Studies

Please note that all samples provided are custom builds by ModBot. If you're interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

Quick Connect Modular Robot Architecture

Robots are powerful tools, but often inflexibly constrained in their reach and degrees of freedom. We developed a novel modular connection system that allows robots of all shapes and sizes to share a set of parts, just like Lego! This required deep integration of connectors, lots of mechanical strength and user-experience testing.

Servo-Motor Emergency Braking System

Brake test video

Robot Wheel Drive Gearing

We developed a deep library of novel gearing technology, and when approached with a challenging warehouse robot drive application, we were able to take some prior IP, and engineer a novel gearing solution to create a new product line for them.

Servo-Motor Emergency...
Robot Wheel Drive...
Custom Machine...

Custom Machine Tending Robot

We developed a robot to load samples into a testing machine. The robot used our modular actuators and performed admirably. We needed a gripper to grab each sample, and off the shelf options were too expensive for the application, so we invented our own. The gripper you see here is a prototype, using a new mechanism to make grippers more compact and less costly.

E-bike Hub Motor With High Torque Cycloid Gearing

Robots need very large gearing reduction ratios to generate the torque needed to move an arm around. 

Ebikes also need a lot of torque to ride up steep hills, or to match the torque of a strong rider. We found that some of the gearing technology we developed for robots was a great fit for eBikes too. Talk to us about high torque gearing for your application, there’s a good chance we have some technology that would work for you.

E-bike Hub Motor...
All Terrain Mobile...
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Mobility Aid Drivetrain and Folding Mechanism

Robots are all about helping people, so we were happy to work on this product which directly helps people who need some assistance walking. We developed the robotic technology which assists on the uphills and automatically brakes on the downhills. We also used our kinematics experience to come up with a folding mechanism that shrinks the device small enough to carry on an airplane. See it here at

All Terrain Mobile Robotics Platform Suspension and Drivetrain

Sometimes roboticists need a bit of fun. This project was to develop a small agile robot that could navigate car parks smoothly. This little articulated robot uses a suspension system similar to the Mars Rover, along with four wheel steering and four wheel drive to get around. We haven’t built it yet but we’d love to. Do you need one?

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